• ...with organisations

    ...with organisations

    Are there changes at work?

    Are the changes affecting morale and focus?

  • ...with organisations

    ...with organisations

    Is staff absence or illness higher than usual?

    And levels of commitment lower than usual?

  • ...with organisations

    ...with organisations

    Does everyone have a say?

    Does everyone know what to do and where they are going?

  • ...with organisations

    ...with organisations

    Together we can help your organisation run more smoothly and improve morale and communication

Working with organisations

For 12 years I worked in various managerial roles in IT and Telecoms developing individuals and teams as well as identifying and improving the ways parts of the organisation communicated.

I work with organisations to offer:

1-to-1 therapy

Providing on or off-site 1 to 1 therapy for individuals experiencing issues outside work which are affecting work

Communication training

Developing on-site training to improve interpersonal communication focusing on understanding barriers to listening and improving listening skills, honest and effective verbal communication skills

Stress management training

Facilitating individuals or teams to mitigate stress in using simple physical techniques

Change management

Utilising my experience preparing teams and individuals to manage transition; shifting careers or priorities.

Non-management supervision

Proactive workplace support; monthly on or off-site support providing an opportunity to discuss professional difficulties and work related challenges in a confidential environment

My background

I come from a corporate background and have over five years experience in occupational health supporting individuals in pressured professions; medicine, education, social care and well as individuals working in academia, industry, finance and law.

I have successfully helped those with problems which impact work, those who feel they are in the wrong job or struggling to juggle work with the rest of their lives.

I understand the impact of work related stress, difficult working relationships, career transition, redundancy and retirement on personal wellbeing. I have a wealth of experience helping individuals to manage transition; shifting careers or priorities. I can offer 1 to 1 counselling or non managerial supervision together with stress management techniques.